HTML5 output issues

Hello guys,

I am making a quiz module (40 questions) wherein I need to bring the questions randomly on clicking on 40 objects in any order. So, I used a Javascript to bring the desired behavior.

Now it's compulsory for me to use HTML5 output. However, I am facing many issues (listed below) in this:

1. Quiz timer (digital-time left) is not working.

2. Entry animations used for the objects in the question slide are not working fine. Sometimes some particular object is not visible at all!

3. Media (small quick sounds - like click sounds) used for 'mouse over' are not working swiftly (the sounds do sound if we mouse over on the object slowly, but if we move the mouse fast (say on 5-6 objects), only one sounds! It feels that the sound gets loaded every time for each object.

4. Media (small quick sounds) used for the 'clicks' on objects is not working at all!

The javascript used works just fine. No issues there. ..and I don't think these issues are due to the javascript. I have taken enough care and many reviews on that.

Can someone help me in this please! Just few days are left for the delivery and its high time now, I must get over these issues... :-(

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Sushil,

Sorry to hear about these issues you're having! I can understand that is a very stressful situation.

Please check all of the features you are using against this list comparing Storyline's Output for Flash/HTML5/Articulate Mobile Player.

You should also make sure you have the latest Update installed.

And make sure you are viewing the content with a system that is supported/meets our technical requirements.

If you have reviewed all these and the problems persist, please submit a Support Case with our support team. It's absolutely important to us that our HTML5 output is as good as it can possibly be, and so we like to be aware of any bugs that our caused by our software, if that is the case.

Thanks, and good luck!