Human 3d anatomy

Feb 11, 2012

Does anyone know of any affordable 3d human anatomy software that can be used in medical education? I'd either like static 3d anatomy to use in my modules, or even better would be the ability to rotate a 3d structure like the heart, etc.. Does anybody have any suggestions or any experience in medical e-learning using Articulate? Thanks.

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Elizabeth Miles

If you have a subscription to Anatomy TV you can rotate pretty much any part of the body, and download static images at each point in the rotation.  Once downloaded, images can be imported to Captivate where you can use transitions to create the appearance of a 3D model.  I've done this and incorporated successfully into Articulate.  You might be able to accomplish something similar using the static images and PowerPoint animations.  Good luck!

Note:  I work for a nursing school and we have access to this database through our library.  I was told that since this falls within private educational use creation of these models is acceptable as long as we credit the company as copyright owners of the images.