Hyperlinking text to another part of the course

I am attempting to trigger layer-display based on clicking text on another layer (using SL3).  I thought I was doing it correctly, but the published course in LMS (Taleo Learn) does not function as expected.  I found an article and confirmed my process was correct, as I am following the exact steps in the "Hyperlinking to another part of the course" section:


The text looks like a hyperlink -- it is bright blue, underlined, and highlights when hovered upon -- but the designated  layer doesn't show when the link is clicked upon.  Notably, another trigger on the same text (i.e. resume timeline when clicked) functions as expected; I have tried changing the order of those triggers, with no impact. 

FYI, linking text to hyperlink to a webpage functions as expected.

I've attached a screenshot of my slide in case my trigger design is easy for fresh eyes to catch an error.  I've added hotspots to accomplish the same thing, but wanted to see if this might be a bug: if so, I'm happy to report.  Thanks in advance!

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