I am receiving an error when trying to upgrade an old storyline file to the 360 version

I am trying to upgrade an old story file to a 360 file, but I'm having no luck as I'm receiving the attached error message.

The original file creation was outsourced, and we have paid for the story file.

I am now trying to upgrade the file myself to avoid an additional cost.

Has anyone has experience with this?


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Renee, 

 I would try opening it on at least one other computer to see if you see the same pop up message again, if yes, it looks like there might be a problem with the .STORY file itself.

Sometimes a file can become corrupt especially if it is a large, has a lot of assets in it, has been around a long time, etc. There's a lot of reasons a file can become corrupt as well, not saved properly, a computer crash, etc. But hopefully there is a backup or another version of this file somewhere so that you can open it up.

Additionally, you can always submit a support case here if you'd like us to take a closer look and see if we can open it on our end. Hope this helps :)