I'm creating a Customer Service game in Storyline 360 for Rise, here's how I make design decisions

Hi everyone,

Before I develop in Storyline I design in Adobe XD. In these videos I go over how I make design decisions for Storyline to improve the UX. Feel free to subscribe if you want to get notified about each post of me designing/developing for Storyline. I plan to go all the way through implementation.


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Alison  L.

@MellisaMilloway has always been ahead of me.  EVERY. TIME... I come up with a "what about,..." she already DID IT months ago.  Just tell me she otherwise has no life, and spend all her time doing these things!?

This time around, I was wondering if I should try using ADOBE XD with my SME (after she made a 100+ discreet pieces of info mind map, that is now taking up 1/2 a wall [SIDE NOTE: if someone sends you a single page pdf , and printing it out will cause extremely teeny tiny text on a single page, both acrobat dc AND Reader allow you to Print --> [Poster] (button)].    We're trying to design a SBL on conducting an official investigation for their (local) BBB.

So I have Mel's 3 Part YouTube on "Designing in Adobe XD for Storyline" -- HINT: go find them on YouTube not the elearningindustry.com page, that won't let you Full Screen the YouTube videos.

PLUS she writes for LinkedIn, (actually it's "Pulse") so I wanted to make sure I read these in the correct order:

  1. Designing A Customer Service Game Part 1
  2. Designing A Customer Service Game Part 2
  3. Developing A Customer Service Game Part 1
  4. ? ? Are there any more of those as the last one is March 20?

Finally, would it be TOO Singe White Female'ish to admit I've used many of the images she does for her POSTs page(s) on LinkedIn. I JUST used the 6th one down (fingers-typing-on-laptop-keyboard-screen-showing) on her page. 




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