I need a survey tool that can collate results across multiple surveys

Hi Heroes!

I've been using SurveyMonkey weblinks embedded into my Storyline courses because of SM's great reporting features, but find that it doesn't collate responses from multiple surveys (with the same exact questions) so we can get some overall results.

Do any of you know of any product that can do this?


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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Victoria,

At my organization, we have all of the questions set up in a single survey. Then we've set up multiple collectors to differentiate which responses are related to which training (and trainer if it's an ILT). In the analytics section, you can view everything together or filter by collector.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: Looks like you can have 3 collectors on the basic (free) plan and unlimited on any of the others- https://www.surveymonkey.com/pricing/details/?ut_source=help_center

Allison Goldthorpe

Yep. This is what it looks like if you're just using the Analyze tab in the site:

Filter by collector in SurveyMonkey

Then you get your normal analytics view but with a subset of responses. I checked and they do include the collector-id in exports if you wanted to do some advanced manipulation outside of the tool, but for my company, it hasn't been necessary.