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Laurel Schulert

What is the objective of your course? To teach learners how to use the spreadsheet? Read/interpret the spreadsheet? Modify the spreadsheet?

I was recently given a similar task. I had to create a course in Articulate to teach learners how to read a lengthy, complicated spreadsheet, and how/where to input their own data.

The spreadsheet had ten tabs, so I made a home menu with ten rectangular buttons (to replicate the tabs). Learners could click each button (in whatever order) and each button launched into a little module on that tab's contents. For some tabs I just used a simple screenshot and voiceover narration, and some arrows popped in and out (for example, I said things like, "In cell A1 [arrow pops in] the data for Topic X is shown... and here in line 15 [arrow pops in] you can see the sum totals...")

For the more complicated tabs, I had screenshot videos scrolling through the tab's content. I used the same style of audio narration and arrows popping in and out to point out content.

This was on a tight deadline, so I didn't put in too many bells and whistles. Given more time, I would have liked to play with text variables to give learners the chance to practice inputting data into the spreadsheet. There's an elearning example course I've watched many times about how to complete a passport application, and I'd like to do something like this to make a boring spreadsheet more interesting:  https://community.articulate.com/e-learning-examples/storyline-passport-application-interactive-screenshot