I need inspiration! Any template ideas for displaying tips?

Dec 21, 2011

I've recently been upgraded to PowerPoint 2007 (yes, we're behind the times) and wanted to spend some time learning the new features.  So I came up with a project  - we have monthly 'tips' for our managers on different management responsibilities.  For example,  performance evaluations occur in January so the December tips were related to preparing for them (Tip #2:  Performance reviews can be stressful. Even if the person has
performed well, take steps to plan your conversation so that you create a safe place for dialogue
.)  They go out in a bullet point list.

I'm hoping to create a visually interesting PPT slide deck each month with 3 -5 tips, then post using Articulate Presenter.  My problem is I'm overwhelmed with boring edits for other projects and have no creative juices flowing. 

So if you could create something, what would the PPT slide deck theme be?  What might be an interesting way to display the tips and wow people so they say,  "I can't believe our elearning software does that" or "I can't believe PowerPoint could do that".

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Patti Bryant


If I was only interested in using PowerPoint (no Articulate), there are a couple of templates on this forum that I think would work very well to list tips!  They are the "Did You Know" and "Notepad" templates.

Also, something I've used in PowerPoint for stuff like that is putting text on a "sticky note" and then having the sticky notes fly in one at a time using animation. Just an idea. I hope this helps!

I posted screenshots of the two templates that come to mind below: 

Mike Taylor

I do a weekly tip on MS Office & windows type stuff that I send via email.  I also keep an archive of all the previous tips on a WordPress blog so people can reference old ones too.  I put the contents in email so they don't have to click through and launch a browser to see the information. I think they key is keeping them short enough that people will actually read them and also making them scannable to they can quickly find the bits they are interested in. WordPress will also allow people to subsribe via WordPress and make the email management part MUCH easier....just post to WordPress and subscribers get the email.

Here is what my email looks like.

I think simple & clean is always a good idea. There are a lot of good ideas here as well:


..and you can see the WordPress archives here: http://miketips.wordpress.com/

krishna khanna

Hi Doreen,

You could show Silhouettes or real people in a presentable way with bubbles


Cartoon heads with square bubbles.


you could show a light bulb with highlighted important part of the tip.

That's all comes to my mind right now.

And you don't need to create these graphics on your own, you can get these for free here in this community.

Please click the link below to access the graphics:


Hope this helps

Take care!

Erendira Ramirez-Ortega

Hi Doreen.

Good question, but I would avoid the PPT slide deck route.  Managers are too busy to get more saturated PPT to look through for something that can simply be stated as reminders, news flashes, or the like.

Try e-ads.  You can design something creatively in a snap with Adobe InDesign.  Export as a .jpg image and then place in the body of an email, or in a content management system for the archives.  This will eliminate exhaustive time spent on the topic of 3 -5 tips for managers to consider when it comes to, say, performance reviews.

You can apply an infographic style (see these great samples here: http://www.designtaxi.com/news/351207/Top-10-Most-Popular-Infographics-of-2011/), or go with a simple e-ad for the recurring FYI.  You can view my own e-ad design samples at this link here: http://atthelearningcurve.wordpress.com/portfolio/.

Going with this intervention for the type of content you are looking to deliver to managers can be printed as well, and they can pin it on their wall too.

Hope this helps.