Oct 31, 2012

Great Heroes

I need your professional comment and review on this project. I am trying to figure out what to do next. I used voice to speech for the audio narration now, that will be changed later.

Thanks very much

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Daniel Brigham


What specifically do you want help with? I watched the opening few minutes, and I'd suggest a few things:

1. The tone is a bit detached. Why should your learners care about this subject matter? At the beginning, can you insert a slide or two that talks about why this content is important to your learner.

2. I'd use fade in animations on at least those opening slides. Movement of characters seemed a little jerky.

3. Set the audio bitrate (kbps) to 64 or so when you publish. Audio is a bit compressed currently.

Good start.

Kristen Hull

I'd suggest some copy editing.  There are some grammatical errors sprinkled throughout the course.

In the beginning, it doesn't seem like the drag-and-drop to the woman's briefcase really works.  You can drag the modules a little bit, but you never get them to her briefcase.  I was confused in that section.  I also didn't understand the purpose of rearranging the picture to view the objectives.  It felt like it was just there to show off a fun Articulate tool. 

I didn't view the entire course, so that's about all I can comment on at this point!

Bruce Graham


Some thoughts, all a bit negative I'm afraid.

1> I would split up the Menu more into chapters, this list looks far too long.

2> I try not to mix photos (your presenter lady) and illustrations (the book).

3> I do not like the "triangle" you have used as an arrow - there are plenty of more professional-looking giveaways here.

4> I would add some spacing between lines on your Notes.

5> Asset Management is a "Profession". I do not think, IMHO, that using text-to-voice reflects the market you are (I assume...), trying to sell into.

5> Scripting - why is it "highly recommended"? You need to tell them what the BENEFIT(s) is/are.

6> "Drag and Drop the module to the folder in my hand" - but you changed from the female voice to the male voice, and it's a female holding the folder. Inconsistent.

7> The Drag and Drop seems a bit pointless to me, because all it does is reveal. Just click and reveal the contents?

8> Why do have a puzzle to see the "Objectives"? Objectives are the thing that gets people to WANT to take a course, and continue. If they fail, (as I did), and cannot find out these, they will give up, (as I did).

For me, and I saw very little of the total, I think you have tried to over-engineer this course a bit, as alluded to by Kristen. There's too much going on, and you are taking far too long to get to the point. WHY is this course recommended? WHAT behaviour will they do differently? WHY should they keep watching.

The text-to-voice would have me looking elsewhere for my education - sorry, but it is just a poor addition (in my opinion). I would prefer a silent course.


Phil Mayor

Sorry not had time to go through the whole course.

I really hate the text to voice, the main reason for not viewing more is that the course is locked down to prevent progression and I had no desire to sit through the voice over.

I would echo a lot of what Bruce say's the look and feel needs an overhaul.  

Either remove the voice over or add a real person in, unlock the content to allow the learner to view content at their paste, I can read faster than most V/O so let me jump ahead if I want to.

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