I need some inspiration for insider trading course

Hi All, 

I need inspiration for an insider training course that I have been assigned to update. Current state of the training is more like text on slide, text on slide, text on slide and then questions at the end - That I am moving away from.

I know the subject matter alone doesn't generate excitement so I don't learners to leave feeling "meh" about the training. 

Also, this is my first time working with the SME so if this goes well, it will help me and my team get more leverage in the creative department - when working with this SME on future projects. 


Thanks for your help! :)

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Dave Goodman

1. Do a series of mini-case studies or scenarios

2. Provide a situation and then ask, "what would you do". Once an answer is provided, your feedback is then the content for that scenario. Let the people guess - that's OK. They are being more proactive in their learning.

3. See if the SME would sit for mini-videos. Import those clips into Peek. You will endear yourself to the SME and you will position your team as being more creative.

4. If you had a chance to create small cohorts of people doing the same training about the same time, you could gamify the training with team challenges for each cohort.

5. Get a prior insider trading news article or a real situation from within your company and use that as a background. Let the content unfold along the actual real case that illustrates the issues and problems along with the best practices.

Good luck.