I've finally solved a problem with Storyline 2 sliders

Oct 14, 2014

I'm so pleased, I have finally solved a problem with Storyline 2 sliders that I have wanted to do for more than 4 years since I started in the job I currently have!  Today I finally have the software!

What I wanted to do was have two sliders that responded to each other.  Moving the first item up the page meant that the other item moved down and vice versa  AND, moving the second item meant that the first moved.   

I tried many different ways of making this happen but hadn't been able to do it.  And now I finally have.

So I welcome you all to the paint factory to come and mix some paint!


Here's a full write up on my blog about how I set the sliders

(It's a brand new blog, so although I have cleared a lot of the template gubbins, some of it is still hanging around!)

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Nicola Redfearn

Oh what a shame Bruce.

I've tested it on a Windows PC (i.e 9) and on my iphone and they both work fine.

I published the demo to html5 and Articulate mobile app.

What are you using to access?

It's on the temp share site for now because I couldn't get the articulate plugin to work http://s3.amazonaws.com/tempshare-stage.storyline.articulate.com/stp1947fsltv1qk010qc1vb81etqh571/story.html

Nancy Woinoski

Nicola - I really love the design. I wish I had done it

I could get the Pigment and Binder sliders to move but not the Solvent - is this intentional or is something amiss?

Also, I noticed that when you move ahead to the next slide and then go back, the sliders remain where you left them but the text on the paint bucket no longer displays.  I think to get around this you might want to add some triggers to reset the slider variables back to their initial values when the timeline starts.

If you don't want to add the triggers, you might try changing the property setting on the slide to "Resume Saved State"  but if you do this make sure you test it because I have been experiencing some odd behaviour with my sliders when I use this setting.

Nicola Redfearn

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your feedback.  I'm going to continue to develop this interaction so it was really helpful.

Yes the Solvent slider was deliberately inactive.  Might grey it out to make that clearer - or add a couple of states that say 'Your paint is too runny - or your paint is too thick'

I had set the slides to 'resume initial state'.  It seems like the layers are resetting, but the silders are not.  Good spot!

Might try a reset with variables.  Will have a think and a play.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Nicola, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. After I posted I took another look at your demo  and realized that you do have on screen text about the solvent that I did not notice the first time around. It might be sufficient to make the text stand out more but I do like the idea of you giving feedback if the learner tries to adjust the solvent slider.

Also, let us know if you need any help resetting the slider variables although from the sounds of it you already have a good handle on variables.

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