I've hit a 'idea block wall'

Hi all

So I've hit the dreaded brick wall of 'no ideas'. I've been asked to create an eLearning for our company brand and vision. I've been given the content, have a team of designers who can work with me and I'm getting an animated intro video created to give an over view and more of a emotive connection from the start.

Unfortunately this is where my creativity on this one has hit a blocker. So, has anyone ever created an eLearning to bring a 'brand' and company vision to life. Any suggestions without it become just a click and read exercise?


Thanks all


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Felix Franke

Hi Phil,

hard to say without knowing what the product of the company is (we are a producing company and our vision is very centered around the product, which in themselves are very abstract to most beginners).

I don't know the quality of the film but you could show the film and then ask some easy questions about it in a drag and drop slide (like in which machine was this product used? When was the company founded on a timeline, something like that.)

I know, the start is the hardest. Once you have a beginning you often have ideas coming out of the first ones.

Brainstorming session with some friends from the company (a product manager / sales guy, a designer, yourself, maybe even a production manager)?

You have to be clear before the start what is the vision you want to transport, check the film for that, and what benefit should the elearning session over just watching the film?


Good luck!

Phil Lord

Hi Felix

It's the water industry. Our brand it built around being refreshingly clear and keeping things simple, having a bit more fun (mix of corporate photography and illustration/ icons) so I need the eLearning to represent that but not be so 'simple' in the idea that it's a boring piece of learning.

It's a big piece to start raising internal brand advocacy and knowing more about who we are as a business, not that our brand is  just a logo and colour pallet.

Phil Lord

Hi David. Love this idea. Trying to think how I would get this working. Front landing page that takes you to different section, and answer questions to continue on in the hunt? And when you win the hunt for that section you win a puzzle piece that will eventually show the 'brand purpose' slogan. If they don't get all pieces trying to think how I would finish it for them so they still get the core message at the end.

David Tait

Just brainstorming with you here so the ideas might suck/need work but ...

  • You could use visual questions, i.e. identify from the following images which is our logo, strapline etc.
  • Using audio you could have people read out some of your core values. You could then ask learners to recall this information with an interaction somehow.
  • Alternatives to the puzzle could be a glass of water that fills up with each correct answer, or leaning on the brand being built around being 'refreshingly clear', you could have the brand purpose slogan (or something similar) obscured behind a blur/haze and each crrect answer could 'clarify' the image until you've reached your goal.
David Goodman

Some thoughts:

1. take a "walk" through the water cycle and interweave learning at different parts of the journey.

2. look at water from different aspects - be on top of the water, in the water and under the water and let those views direct the learning, e.g., under the water looking up creates a need for different perspectives and tell about your company's perspectives.

3. start with a story - a child holding a glass of water and asking a question - where does water come from.

4. talk about water from its uses - drinking, micro-brewery, technology chip making, recycling, irrigation, etc.

5. talk about water as a form - describe the forms - slippery, flowing, refreshing, clear, natural, waterfalls and roaring rivers (think Edward d'Bouno )