I want the learner to click all the objects before the Next button turns from hidden to normal

I know this sounds relatively simple but I'm stumped. I created a slide with five objects with states (glow) and need the learner to click each object before moving off the slide. I set up the slide so every time you click an object it glows and the previous object just clicked returns to normal. So I chose to create a T/F variable where T is when all other states are in normal state if you click the last object. Then the Next button can become normal ... but that means all someone has to do is click the fifth object first! 

Anyone out there can think of a different way to approach enabling the Next button after all the objects are clicked so that someone has to click them all? These are not buttons so I don't have a visited state. 


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Brian Duvall

Kind of funny, because I just participated in another conversation in the forums for someone doing something very similar.  Instead of a True/False Variable, I'd set one up a Number Variable.  Then build triggers for each object that adds value to the Number Variable when the State of the object changes.  Then build another Trigger to enable the Next button once the Variable is equal to the value the Variable would reach when all objects are clicked.  Hope that makes sense.

Janelle  Metz

Hey Brian, I think you solution is the most reasonable because I have to have one button at a time changing state so people can read words under them so all the states can't be visited to reveal the next button. Can you explain your idea a little more? Using the normal state as mentioned below won't work because the learner will inevitably click the last object to change that state and may not click it again back to normal (at least that's what I'm getting).


Trevor Peglowski

Hey Janelle!

Problem I see with Brian's solution: if you have 5 boxes and they need to 'click' 5 times, they could just click the same box 5 times. 


When I need to do things like this, I use the state "Visited" instead of selected, and have conditions like the .story below

Janelle  Metz

Thanks Trevor, 

The catch with this situation is that every time the learner clicks a button the former object's 'visited' state becomes normal again ... so I can't use tracking a visited state if they disappear (or can I?) ... with Brian's solution I did discover that yes if I just click 6 times (the number of objects I have) on one object the NEXT button appears instead of requiring the learner to click all the buttons. Oh, and I am using the visited state, btw. Ideas anyone? I know this can be solved just can't believe how tricky it seems. Here is the slide in its current state. 

Steve Hazelton

I get around this by creating T/F variables for each item (I create the initial value to be F and then change it to T, because to me it makes sense that visited = true), and making the Next button change based on all variables = true. I did this in your example. I also changed your initial count variable to start at 0, because I like simple math when I have my reference box (which you can delete) to check the variable functions. And last, I added a trigger to set the variable at 0 at the start of the slide so that if you go back to it, the count is reset. I think this will work for you, but my wife is dragging me out the door to go home so I haven't tested it.

Christiane Knutzen

Hi at all,

I hope u don't mind me jumping into that discussion. We have some very similar problems and maybe u can help me to find the (maybe very obvious) solution.

We are working with tab interactions a lot. Usually I set them up that the next button only shows up, if the user has clicked all tabs and turned their state to 'visited'. The visited state got a little checkmark that is also shown when the user hoovers or re-selects the tab.

However, I really want the visited state to just appear when the user has clicked ALL shown buttons on tab layers. I hope that makes sense. So that the checkmark only appears if the user had seen everything. I tried to set that up with triggers (change state to visited when stall of all...) but if I do so the visited state is kinda locked. So that it wont change if the user hoovers or re-selects the tab (I hope u get the idea).

Here is one of our tab interaction.