Ideas for a Public Speaking course

I have been given a 6 minute video of a "talking head" giving pointers on how to succeed at public speaking, and have been asked to convert the video to an online course using Storyline.  The video briefly  talks about the key elements of public speaking (eg. preparation, delivery, dealing with nerves, use of jargon, practicing), and also includes snippets of examples of good public speaking.

Rather than just breaking the video into segments, and having the user watch a series of videos I'd like to make it more interactive and have the user feel as if they are up there on the podium, but not sure how to create this simulation in Storyline.  Any ideas would be welcome.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Heather!

You could have the learner select a character in the beginning of the course (like in this example by Nicole Legault) and then follow the character as he/she prepares for their speech. 

One way to make the learner feel like they *are* the character is to show the character from the back like I've done here

If you're looking for some great stock images, be sure to check out the ones in the downloads section of E-Learning Heroes.

Hope that helps!