Ideas for a sorting game

Hello! I'm recently new to the Articulate world. I am building a course on FICO scores and wanted to do a sorting activity on wear a score would fall (above average, below average, or average) My thought was to do something like a sorting game but the scores show as basketballs and you could shoot to the right basket labeled by the average etc... and the ball would disappear and tell you if you were correct. Not sure the exact way to do this, or if anyone would have any other ideas/ examples i could use. 


Thanks everyone this site is a great help!!!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Cody,

Great idea! This sounds similar to the sorting game I created a while back except that instead of post-its and a trash can, you'd use basketballs and a basketball hoops. Here's a link to download my example so you can open it up and see how I built it. I also wrote this article about using drop states, which could be helpful to you. 

Allison LaMotte

You're welcome! You can attach your Storyline file to the comment by clicking on the button on the bottom lefthand side of the comment window (see screenshot).

If you have Articulate 360, you can also share a link to view the published output by publishing to Articulate 360 and sharing the Articulate Review link. Here's a step by step tutorial.