Ideas for Building Portfolio

Sep 12, 2016

Hi folks, fairly new here and wondering what you would suggest for starting out with Articulate and building my portfolio. I have an academic blog and podcast (archaeologist by trade) and I am going to start by creating some interactive lessons in my area of expertise for my website. I was also going to offer my services to some local non-profits to see if they would like to spread some knowledge about their organizations. Then there are freelance jobs through sites like fiverr, upwork, freelancer, etc. Any opportunities you think I am missing or should consider? 

I am also feeling a bit trigger-shy on ordering Storyline and starting my first one. I suppose you never feel ready right?! Any way to feel less intimidated when starting out? I have designed content for the classroom before, just not the eLearning variety. 

Thanks, I appreciate all of your advice!


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Laurel Schulert

Hi Jenny,

Articulate offers great tutorials on Storyline 2. There's sample content to download so you can work alongside the tutorial to learn the basics.

Also, the weekly challenges are a fun place to practice using the various bells and whistles. They are also great for building portfolio content.

I keep telling myself I'll do the challenges, and I still haven't jumped in yet, but I will someday!