Ideas for jazzing up a software course?

Hi everyone.

I have a piece of software that I need to train users on.  I'm using Articulate Presenter as the basis, and them I'm inserting screen shots and Captivate demos and simulations in it.

Does anyone have any ideas for keeping the users engaged in the learning?  Do you have a certain template or look/feel that you use for software training?  I'd be interested to see what you have done.

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Gerry Wasiluk


Have you viewed this recent thread for some ideas?

I personally prefer scenarios that make sense and have value to me.  If I can't relate to it, or don't see the value of it to my job, I often just click through them. 

Provide the WIIFM before the glitz  . . . .

Gerry Wasiluk

Charles Zoffuto said:

To piggy-back on Gerry's comment, we (Yukon Learning) say to create meaningful and engaging learning you must have the 3Cs - Content, Context and Coaching. First you must have the right content. That is the content should be accurate and focused on what the learner actually needs to know. Get rid of the items that are not core to the learning. Second, it needs to be contextual. Like Gerry said, if learner can't see how it will benefit what they do (or will be doing) then they will not see the value in it and it won't stick. Third, provide coaching. Give the learners a chance to try out what they have learned. If they make a mistake, this is a great opportunity to provide remediation so that they finish with the skills you intended for them.

Great post, Charles! 

I'd also add how many times I've taken a simulation walkthrough with no context that just tell you to click here, enter this number, hit [enter], do that and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be getting to and why.