Ideas on dead space around content?

Hi All,

I've been asked to create a couple training videos on an interactive tool that will help our agency with completing a certain type of task. I've been asked to keep the images consistent from one screen to another. That is, a screen shot of a task line, followed by a screenshot (layer) of the additional information tied to it. The content is dry and technical and the desire is to have the student adapt to the muscle memory of when to click, what to do, hence the repeated screens.

In some cases I've been successful in altering the view of the layer or the slides leading up to the main content. However, I'm consistently stuck with screen shots as below/attached that is filled with dead space above/below the content.

Any suggestions on how I can improve it while staying in the confines of the development would be greatly appreciated!


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Trina Rimmer

Hi there! Your screenshot seems to show that your items are pretty evenly spaced, but it was a bit hard for me to tell. 

Generally speaking, you can control object placement in Storyline using the drawing tools, size and position settings and align and arrange settings. When you select the object, you'll see drawing tools on the Format tab. Below is a quick gif that shows you where to find these settings and how to use the arrange and align feature to evenly distribute stacked items vertically. 

Showing Drawing Tools on Format Tab in Storyline 360

Our Storyline 360 user guide has more detailed instructions on using all of these features and more, so you might want to check that out.

And if I've misunderstood the problem, please reply here and I'll take another shot at it!

Programs Development

I've very sorry for the delay in response. Shortly after posting I got pulled into a rush job on another project, which we finally wrapped up. Thank you so much for your input! It wasn't the problem per se that you addressed, but it is helpful for another task I'm working on! For the original, we added a title to the slide, a border around the image, and a progress bar. It worked on filling up the dead space without being distracting, and was also useful.

Our agency is thrilled with Articulate and e-learning heroes, by the way. As someone new to developing, I love the creative solutions users share. It helps to spark ideas in me so the training I'm developing doesn't become stagnant. Thanks for all you do.