Ideas or examples needed for text-heavy governance course

Hi Everyone,

I have to create a governance course.  The content is 24 pages of solid, complex legal text.

Any suggestions or examples on how to make this engaging and interactive while avoiding as much as possible the bulleted list PowerPoint look, even though bullets are a good way to simplify and summarize.

Thank you,


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dave faldasz

Hi John!

I had some massive text to add. I broke it into logical sections and put it in Scrolling panels. I added some pics in the scrolling panels to break it up a bit. I would probably use the top half next time,  for key points on the screen, and the bottom half for the hard core paragraphs, and do that for multiple pages.

Here are some notes I made for myself for "next time" - lol.

Steps to adding/editing text in Scrolling Panels.

Paste down a new scrolling panel and be concerned with the width. (no width adjust in runtime)
The height will auto-adjust, based on what you paste in.

Copy the Excel Spreadsheet info into NotePad
to remove any hidden characters, font styles, etc.

Once in NotePad, limit the number of characters to the width of the text that will be
displayed in the Scrolling Panel. (do a test if necessary: paste a sample sentence into the
scrolling panel and see where you need to end it, so it does not spill onto the next line)

Copy/paste the contents of the NotePad doc into the Scrolling Panel.
Make corrections in NotePad based on what you now see in the scrolling Panel.

To re-use (copy/paste) an existing scrolling panel:
Select new contents of NotePad: CTRL:A and CTRL:C

Select all in the Scrolling Panel (click in the middle, CTRL-A)
then backspace to delete the contents – then CTRL-V to paste new contents in
(if you don’t delete Scrolling Panel contents first, it overwrites some of what is there – what a mess)

hope that helps

Ramona Tyler

That is always my concern, and I am always searching for new ideas too. Reading text can be boring for the user; however, in some instances, it is necessary so they don't miss the important content. Dave's idea of using scrolling panels is a good one. I used this for a training where the user had to read an acknowledgement, and I then added a checkbox as a signature. Also doing something as simple as having an image, like a character with a chalkboard/whiteboard, flip board, computer, etc. helps with the visual appeal because it is just not all text. I am interested in seeing what others have come up with also.

dave faldasz

Hi John
You can turn on notes in the Player, so it shows up on the left panel. Then use that to summarize key points for the scrolling panel content on the slide. I like Ramona's idea of a checkbox too - maybe lock it so they need to check it to go on.

oh yeah.. be aware with the notes. If you are using layers, the notes are only for the main slide. Any layers viewed will have no notes showing on the left panel.

Also, think about a bit of animation. The Insert Photos has a Video section. You can loop a small (small size and small runtime) video here and there, to break up the text. Put the video right inside the scrolling panel and set a trigger on the video:
Action: Play media
When: Media completes
got your video loop going

I attached a sample.
Ha! I thought it was not working at first, because the dog was moving so slow!

I bet yours is going to look pretty slick, once you complete it!

- dave

Richard Mulcahy

24 pages is a lot! With text heavy slides I used two methods to dress it up so it doesn't appear to drab and heavy.

1. I used the scroll bar to select different layers with the additional text.

2. I used a array of images on the side to open a layer or slide with the additional text. Kind of like using a 6 x 4 grid of images on one slide.

Mr C

Hi John

We all feel the pain

I have been using Rise 360 to develop my compliance programs

Using the different blocks and styles on each page breaks up the bore that normally is associated with such programs

A great example of what can be created in Rise 360 is this  one by the wonderful Trina Rimmer

Hope this helps

John Blum

Hi Richard,

The thing with this project, is the manager in charge of it has no conception of what an eLearning course is, and wants to avoid having text and bullet points in the slides, so  this is a tough one, since the training manager is going along with that, instead of educating that manager.

I made a sample storyline slide with the objectives and a graphic that appeared as each objective appeared, so it wouldn't be a boring bulleted list and that was shot down.

Tracy Carroll

Hi Dave,

You said, "If you are using layers, the notes are only for the main slide. Any layers viewed will have no notes showing on the left panel."

That is not quite accurate. The notes panel will show all the notes that you put in the panel, including the notes you add for the layers. However, it will be one panel for the slide as a whole (including the layers). If there is a lot of text, it will be a scrolling panel.

Here's an example: