New to of this week.  Have been tasked with developing an e-learning module or two to help support a new software launch for an insurance company. In-house training team.  Most of the training will be in class and practice with the new software.  The e-learning module is to compliment the in class strategy.....will definitely be a basic level 1 design. No budget for narration or special graphics.

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Bruce Graham

Well - I'm going to ask something that may or may not be contentious.

It seems like a really simple communication task you have here - is it that all they want is some communication that is EFFECTIVE?

It just seems to me that "eLearning" may not be required here, just some VERY well thought out and effective communication?

Do not want to detract you or introduce FUD, however, "training" is not always the solution, I am just not sure here.

Steve Flowers

Agree with Bruce!

Carefully planning out some communication to let folks know what's coming might do the trick. This could include some text copy for snappy emails (on a schedule), a brief "commercial style video" of 1 to 3 minutes, and / or a series of task demonstration videos that can be accessed from a simple link, list, or article.

From a reuse standpoint and providing folks what they need (which will differ from person to person), communication and support resources seem like they could be the right time investment. Lots of options:) And if you decide you need a tracked training piece, you can use the artifacts built for communication and support to make that work easier.