Ideas to Build Courses Faster?


I have to build a lot of courses in a very short period of time. I like making high-quality courses but the days fly by and I've only done about 6-10 slides/day. I need to do more like 20 slides in a business day.

I'm looking for ideas for building general knowledge education/information modules as quickly as possible while still having some quality to it. My ideas so far:

1. Keep it text based

2. Minimize graphics, animations, and triggers

Still...I find myself wanting to find just the right picture or just the right layout and arrangement of boxes, and I'm still running against the clock.

Ideas? Advice?



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Wendy Farmer
Michelle White

I'm looking for ideas for building general knowledge education/information modules as quickly as possible

Hi Michelle not sure which version of the product you are using - but if you have access to Articulate 360 - take a look at Rise. It's a high quality product that allows for 'quick build' in a responsive environment.

Here is more information

Michelle White

Hi Wendy,

Thank you. I have only Storyline 2 and Replay. I haven't used Replay though. Would love to use 360 and Rise when it is available to me.

I appreciate the help though. I'm searching for templates. If we could have more plug n' play templates, it would probably speed things up. But I am not seeing any templates for a full course, just interactions or timelines or mini-functions. Is there a good source for free full-course templates out there?

Thanks again!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

every now and then you may find a free download of a full template on the forum but most of them are from paid sites e,g, elearning Brothers. 

Tracy Parish has a great assets site that may have some links for you.

When 360 is available to you content library templates are another great feature :-)

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Sean Speake

Here are some general guidelines I use -

1. Use Themes (either built in or customize your own)

2. Limit page types - standardize layouts and move as much as you can to master slides

3. Duplicate slides when possible, particularly if you've already built out layouts, triggers and states

4. Plan ahead - an hour spent up front can save you 5 hours on the back-end

5. Work efficiently - you don't need to build a slide to completion - it's sometimes faster to insert all audio at once, insert text all at once, etc... grouping like tasks can gain efficiencies.