Ideas to build this scenario


I need some ideas to build this scenario. I have 5 items or text boxes with content in them, on the left side of my screen. On the right side is a email body. The user should be able to click any of the 5 items on the left, and they should appear as text on the right side in the email body. It should appear in the order the user clicks the items on the left. So if user clicks text boxes 2,4,1,5,3...the text of these boxes should appear one below the other in the same order 2,4,1,5,3 in the email body on the right

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David Tait

The easiest option I can think of would be to build this as a drag and drop interaction.

If this doesn't suit you might be in the realms of executing Javascript to build your email body. In a nutshell, you could associate a variable with each of your five buttons on the left which when clicked could add the content of the relevant variable to another variable associated with your email body. You'd display the email body variable using a variable reference in Storyline.