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I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, as I am new to the community... so if not, please let me know where would be more appropriate :-)

We have 360 and I'm just looking to see if anyone has any ideas around making a Health and Safety Lock Out / Tag Out learning module fun? 




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Nicole Legault

Hi Andrea!

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question here! :) You've come to the right place. 

So in the past we've had a lot of discussions here in the community about how to make dry, boring content into something that's fun and engaging.. and a topic that comes up again and again is creating scenarios. Instead of just presenting learners with boring policy/procedures related to this, why not build it into a fun scenario? For example, say you're doing fire safety training. Is it more interesting to click through a step-by-step policy document that explains the fire safety procedure, or is it more fun to do a scenario that starts with "It's a regular day at the office when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. You look around but don't see any smoke. What do you do?" and then you provide them with 2, 3 realistic choices. Of course, 1 of the choices is the correct next step as documented in your Standard Operating Procedures or policy guidebooks or what have you. 

Here's an example of a scenario I created about how to process a return and you'll notice it includes a link to a step-by-step policy doc in it as well: How to Process a Return 

Here's a few additional articles about creating scenarios with Storyline:

And here's a forum discussion about how to turn boring content into engaging content, that I turned into a helpful article: 7 Heroes Share How They Spiced up Boring Content.

Hope these help you out! 

Dave Goodman

We did a 360 degree walkabout for a LOTO course. The avatar walked throughout the room making mistakes with consequences. Then, we added a drag and drop interaction onto equipment which required the LOTO action steps. If you want to add some "fun", have a character gain or lose points for each correct/incorrect LOTO action that illustrates a person manifesting the end results e.g., slider bar with state changes (losing oxygen and becoming sick for incorrect or gaining super powers with correct actions). Just one idea... good luck.

Ray Cole

Here's one I did last year. There's far too much telling at the beginning but if you use the menu to skip to module 3, you can see a variety of interactive scenarios we created to allow learners to practice important LOTO decision-making.

LBNL Simple LOTO for Cord and Plug Devices (screen capture)

You can view the course here:

Note that this course covers only a particular subset of full LOTO; it's intended for researchers who are not otherwise trained in LOTO and therefore there are strict limits on the kinds of devices they can be authorized to work on.

Anyway, I hope this helps.