Identical Image keeps shifting as state changes even though they are at the same position

Hi all, 

I need a little bit of help here. I'm trying to create a hangman game.

So I started with creating a series of illustrated  "hangman" images, starting with rope, rope+head, rope+head+body and so on (see image 1)  All have the same dimensions. 

When I inserted my first image, I also created 6 different states of that image. Then replace each state with my series of images as the "hangman" builds up. They are all placed in the same spot with the same height and width. (see image 2)

The button and number variables are created to trigger the change of states.

However when you click and the image changes its states, it keep shifting (or resizing) back and forth (around 1-2 pixel). 

Can this be fixed? Or have I done something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Note: I have attached my .story file and my images if that would help.

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Duke Intraprasert

Hi David,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your version works perfectly fine. I don't really get it, but thanks. I may just continue from your version.

As for your question. Yes I had to resize the pictures in 2 of 6 states. Somehow Articulate decided to reduce 1 pixel (width) for 2 images, so I had to correct them. However, this had nothing to with other 4 states where the size was right. Despite changing the size, all images in 6 states moved anyway.

I always have problems with tiny precision, I'm talking about 1-2 pixel, when working with Articulate. I'm now starting to think if it was my computer. It would be good if we really know why articulate does that.

Thanks again for the help, really appreciated.



David Tait

I occasionally see the same behaviour you describe, where I need to tweak an image in the states by 1-2px to bring it back to the correct size. Not sure why it happens either.

However, when I asked about resizing the image I meant did you have to resize the parent image after the states had been added, i.e. once you left the edit states dialogue, did you then go on the resize the main image? This sometimes causes me some issues.