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Aug 26, 2019

Hello, I just started a new job as an eLearning Project Manager and I am in charge of a team that produces a lot of courses related to the medical field. My job is to review and approve storyboards from our SMEs and provide my content developers with Instructional Design suggestions to incorporate into the courses they create. Any suggestions on how to best deliver this information on a storyboard format?

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Ray Cole

I recommend a slightly different process. If you let non-instructional designers (SMEs) create the storyboards for your courses, you are allowing non-instructional designers to design your courses. My experience is that this leads to a lot of content-oriented information-overload in the resulting courses.

What I recommend instead is that you treat whatever SMEs provide as source materials, not as designs for actual courses. It is then the instructional designer's job to take those SME-provided materials and turn them into effective training.

Counterintuitively, great training is not about its content; it's about what students are supposed to do with that content. In the medical field, as in all others, this means great training drives learner practice. Great training is a series of realistic situations in which learners must make decisions and take actions, just as they are expected to do on their jobs. Great e-learning simulates the salient aspects of the learners' jobs. There is a huge difference between telling people things they should know, and getting them to the point where they can use that information in a productive way. Communicating information won't get you there. Practice is the key.



Nicole Legault

Hi there Milissa! 

If part of your job is to provide instructional design feedback, I assume you have a background in instructional design already. What format are the storyboards being presented to you in ? If they are done in either PPT or in Storyline, you can simply publish them to Review 360 and leave your comments and feedback using that tool. 

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