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May 08, 2011

Hi all,

One of my clients is having issues with IE9 32-bit and articulate. Scores are not being recorded and the finish button is not working.  Thier LMS is a variuation on Accord. Accord LMS itself, views the issue as one with flash based authoring tools:

Can anyone shed light? Does Articulate content work fine with IE9, should I be directing the client to talk with their LMS provider?



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Stefano Posti

Unfortunately IE9 Javascipt security parameters have changed, and several LMS have serious problems with "score tracking"  javascript actions issued by flash. It's no use trying to change IE9 security settings....

I myself submitted a case to Articulate, and they could replicate the issue I reported in Internet Explorer 9.
They forwarded the case to our Quality Assurance team for further review, but gave me a workaround that works in moodle.

Here is their answer:

Hi Stefano,

Just to follow-up on your report.

Apparently, if you set the Finish button to “close the browser” when user passes or fails – this will generally not work in Moodle if your course is *not* set to launch on a NEW browser window.

>> A browser won’t close unless it is set to launch in a separate window. No Browser will allow the main window to close via code - this is seen as malicious activity by all browsers.

Please view this course I uploaded to Moodle in Internet Explorer 9 and ensure you PASS the quiz. I set the Finish button to Close the Browser when user passes the quiz.

Tip: Question 1 - just match the letters. Question 2 - answer is “Presenter”.

If your test proves successful, you can work around the issue on your own courses by configuring your quiz to launch in a new window.  Here’s how:

1.    Select Player Templates

2.    Select your player template, and click Edit button.

3.    Select the Other tab.

4.    Select Launch player in new window.

This will set your quiz to always launch in a new window and allow the Finish button close the window as expected.

Hope this helps.


Stefano Posti


that really depends on the moodle installation, actually;  since I could'nt use  the "launch in a new window" option anyway, I stated that our LMS is NOT compatible with IE9 browser.

My answer to the Articulate Support Engineer:

Vira, this might fix the close window action, but I'm afraid it doesn't fix the tracking issue... After passing your quiz in Articulate moodle lms, the windows closes, but I still see the learning object as "not attempted"... Tracking is what worries me the most.

Anyhow you're right, a browser won't close automatically... even though, in Moodle, after setting a Quiz Finish button to close the window, you get a blank page in the quiz frame with a simple text like "The content has ended - You may close this window..." and in IE6/7/8 - Firefox, the page closes an jumps back to the scorm content page, where you see the "complete/incomplete/passed" status and on mouseover you see the score.

I don't generally use the "launch in a new browser" option because of popup blocks or proxy limitations which prevent users from attempting quizzes...

I will double check on my Moodle installation and get back to you with further details on the tracking issue.

I would like to reassure you I'm not complaining about anything, I'm a very happy Articulate customer, this is all for the Articulate Community!!!




Stefano Posti

The only solution at the moment is to use IE8 or Mozilla Firefox, sorry...

or force all of your users to activate IE9 compatibility mode;

IE9 makes it easy to use this feature for multiple versions of Internet Explorer.

It’s kind of hidden, but it’s pretty simple to get to. When you open a browser window and access your lms, try:

  1. Hit F12 to open the developers console.
  2. Click on “Browser Mode: IE9″ at the top.
  3. Select IE8 as your new browser

IT WORKS! Scorm results are tracked! but can you force LMS users to such a procedure?

Hope it helps, cheers! 

Peter Zaidel

Same problem here!  The big issue is that Microsoft made IE9 a standard update last week which has caused our customers to auto-update and lose tracking functionality.

Unfortunately the solution of forcing your users to do something doesn't really work when you have thousands of users...

(edit) I did find this potential solution:

Stefano Posti

The solution addressed by Peter could help: but I read that adding the following code:

to the first head tag in your LMS homepage could generate error scripts anyway;

We need to go into deep.... 

Let's try this, too:

You could have your LMS web server changed like this:

Add following to your web.config:

Add this to .htaccess file:

BrowserMatch MSIE best-standards-support
Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=8 env=best-standards-support

I'm goiing to ask my provider this change tomorrow (I'm running moodle on a Linux/Apache web server); I'lle be back with the results.


Peter Zaidel

Finally got a response from Articulate Support on this.  They said go to SCORM Test Track. 

Here is the header at SCORM Test Track:

DE - 2011/04/05 - Discovered there are incompatibilities between sarissa and IE9, a long term fix will mean a fix to the Sarissa library (bug tracked here

...or else getting rid of Sarissa somehow? In the meantime, I added the following directive for an immediate fix 

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE8" /> --

In other words SCORM Test Track is faking it!   I think that the Articulate Support recommendation is a bit dishonest, as it makes everyone think it's actually their LMS when in fact it is an incompatibility with IE9. I think it's time to fess up and admit that the software isn't fully compatible with IE9, so that everyone can be ready for the onslaught of user complaints.  As a long time user and proponent of Articulate, I'm a bit hurt by their position on this...

Steve Flowers

Odd that the indication / advice would point in the direction of the LMS. Seems pretty clear that there's something stopping the API calls and other methods called by ExternalInterface on the client end. However, this could be any number of problems. I've read recently that IE9 presents a litany of JavaScript bugs natively. It could also be some new and undocumented security sandboxing issues between the player and the browser.

Three companies and Articulate is third in line with the least control over the interplay between the browser and the player. It'll takem a little bit to get things straightened out. I'm sure it's something they want to fix. Not a fan of the workaround, but it seems like it would do no harm. Will try to keep this one in mind, thanks for the heads-up

Peter Zaidel

My thinking was that since I went to Scorm TestTrack and everything worked fine for me there, I assumed it was a problem on our end.  This troubleshooting method exonerates Articulate since it's proven to work fine elsewhere.  You have to know enough to look for the workaround on their end, by which point you most likely have the solution.

Plus claims like the one in this post: don't help either.

I spent a lot of time with debug windows today, perhaps I'm being a little cantankerous...

Steve Flowers

It actually might not become a problem. IE has consistently retained "quirkarounds" that go back several versions. This is an IE9 problem. I'm not sure they will fix it (they probably won't), but they probably won't break the quirkaround in the future. It's likely that IE10 will simply ignore it if they remove the meta reversion after update.

Urica Floyd

I am still having the same problem with IE9 two years since this posted. I am using Articulate Online as my LMS and the resume feature still does not work in IE9. We've tested firefox, chrome and IE8 and they all work perfectly. I've even turned off the "resume prompt" feature to "always resume" and IE9 still does not work.

With the "always resume" feature checked, IE9 will show either a blank white screen or the player box with no navigational functionality at all.

Any suggestions or fixes?

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