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Jason Dumois

Thanks Hero Phil! :-)

Have you seen any examples where you can control video on an iPhone? For example, a video plays then pauses and three options appear on top of the video. You can then click an option and it will go to and play another video clip.

That is the type of stuff we are looking at doing! We know you can do it using RaptMedia, but prefer to stick with Storyline.

Would appreciate your thoughts, sir!


Phil Mayor

On an iPhone I don't think this will work as video will play fullscreen and is an iOS quirk.

It may of course just be as simple as playing the video and then showing a layer which has an image of the last frame with your options over the top which jumps to another slide with your continuation video. I am sure it can be done in Storyline.


Jason Dumois

Hey Phil!

Check this interactive HTML5 video out created in RaptMedia. It works on an iPhone without loading the video in full screen!


Is there anyway we could replicate this in Storyline?! There's got to be a way...hoping! :-)