Hello, heroes! 


I've been working with a client on their LMS strategy and requirements, and researching various vendors.  I thought I was pretty familiar with most of the big players, but the client has suggested considering iLearning, which I'd never heard of and which no one in my usual network seems to know anything about.


I've looked at their website of course, and will be doing a discovery call with them, but I'd be interrested in input from anyone here who has experience with this LMS...




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Dave Schnoll

Hi Sheila,

I work for Seertech, and would be happy to give you a run down on what we do. We've built an enhancement on top of Oracle's iLearning, called iLearning PLUS. We have a new UI, more configuration options, and all sorts of fun stuff. All of the security and stability of Oracle, with the innovation and specialized focus of Seertech.

I'm based in N. California.