Image Flash Cards

I am developing an online nursing e-course on pressure ulcers. In addition to the usual StoryLine based presentations (narrated) and quizzes, I am always looking to add other types of interesting learning activities.

We purchased the rights to a number of related images that we will use in our narrated presentations. However, I thought I might also use the images as "flash cards" to reinforce learning to identify different types of pressure ulcers.

This is the result. WARNING: The images may be disturbing to some people.

I would have preferred to place each image on a different slide. However, because SL does not have the capability of laying down a sound track across different slides, I had to make this on one slide. This certainly presented some challenges but thankfully, SL has a few tools to make it easier, e.g., hide objects and set timing.

I thought I would share this technique. I would like to hear what experiences others have had using a similar approach. Also, comments and suggestions are always welcome.



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