Image Gallery with Captions

This seems like such a simple thing, so I'm sure I'm just missing the blog post or discussion about it. Feel free to just point me to existing resources on this.

I need a template for an image gallery with captions. I just want learners to be able to click through some diagrams and read associated explanations. I'm brand new to SL and on a tight timeline, so a template would be best. 

The client has chosen the Journey template, if that matters.

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Tianna!

Thanks for posting your question here in the E-Learning Heroes community!

If you're looking for a pre-built template for Storyline 360, I would suggest you go into the Content Library templates (click the "Slides" tab on the ribbon at the top of Storyline, then click "Content Library"). Once you're in here you can filter through hundreds of existing templates. I know you mentioned your client is working with the Journey template, but the great thing is that you can filter through all of the templates to find an interaction you like, then simply update the colours & fonts to make it match the Journey template. This will open up your template search to many more types of slides, versus just using those from the Journey template. If you use the filtering and search by "Interactions" there's lots of media-based and image-based slides in there that could potentially work for you. Remember, all the slides can be completely customized, or left exactly how they are. 

Hope this helps! :)

Nicole Legault

Hi Tianna! 

So sorry you haven't been able to find exactly what you need in Content Library! If there's any types of slides you'd love to see more of, please do feel free to submit a feature request here.

Hopefully with the options available in Content Library you can find something close to what you need, and make some modifications to get it perfect! When I filtered by "Interactions" I found a lot of Media ones that allow you to add multiple images. If there's no caption you can just pop in what you need by adding a shape or a text caption on the photo. Hope this helps! :) 


Charles Moore

New user on a trial, Tianna, but I was looking for the same thing. It's not very easy to clean up the styling so that it LOOKS like an image gallery - but I tried the Interaction block > Process option, then turned off the Intro and Summary pages (clicked the EYE icon to hide). Ended up with a horizontal scrolling gallery with captions (and a big orange Pill at the top that said "Step 1", but was able to change the text to "Page 1"...but could not get rid of it so it looked more like a traditional gallery with captions.