A perennial problem for me, working in healthcare in Canada, is the lack of funds available to create quality eLearning. What resources we *do* have tend to be spent on the content (which is right and proper), but we never have the funds to buy decent stock images, or better still, have our own graphic resources made-to-measure. For every new course, I'm scrambling looking for free-to-use photographs and graphics.

I want to set up an image bank where I can store reusable images that I know we own the rights to - what tools and approaches have you found successful? I've been using the sites listed here:


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Nicole Legault

Hey Andrew, 

I totalllyyyyy understand your frustration with lack of access to quality photography... I've been in your shoes before.... It's amazing how a few handpicked, high-quality, relevant photos can transform your e-learning. It makes a huge difference, in my opinion. Having the character set that comes with Storyline has been huge for me.

With regards to setting up an image bank .... I personally use (the old fashioned way?) a folder system where I classify photos according to which site they are from, and how I can use them, and I'll also keep a link or screenshot of the license agreement that relates to that image. 

Also, I'm sure you've stumbled across this before but just in case, this forum discussion is a super great resource for finding quality photography for e-learning: Stock Image Sites

Hope this helps =) 

Jonathon Miller

So, I know this is an old thread but I have faced the same problem and thought I would throw in my two cents. I have faced the same problem and my answer was Adobe Bridge. I use the Adobe Suite here and Bridge works well. When I save an image, I assign keywords to that image and I am then able to search by keyword.

As far as sources, I'll often take my own photos. All that photo school has to pay off somehow.

Andrew, have you ever thought of taking the photos you need for yourself?