I am trying to build a course that includes a section of what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear in an office setting and in a plant setting. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any pictures of people wearing inappropriate work clothes or inappropriate clothing for a manufacturing plant. Does anyone have any images I could use or any ideas of where I could find some?

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Bob S

Hi Vanessa,

We created a course exactly like this a year or two back using Istock photos.

There are lots of image sites out there, but I like the search engine/tags that Istock uses.  Just be aware as in all searches, you may need to try different key words to get just what you are looking for. 

For example...  "inappropriate workwear" might not get many hits. So try things like "cut off jeans" or "ripped tshirts".  You get the idea.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Judy Nollet has a wide range of characters in all kinds of attire, including some of the same person dressed differently. Their people pics are "cutouts," so you can put them on whatever background you want (including any of the background pics they provide). They use an annual-license model that lets you use any of their images for just about any purpose. Very reasonable pricing compared to paying per image.