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I'm looking to add images of four celebrities in a course. I found this earlier discussion about using images from Wikimedia Commons. 

As this was two years ago have a couple of questions need help with.  

1. Are there any other sites celebrity images can be sourced? (royalty free of course) 

2. An example of how the Wikimedia Commons Image attribution might be written (finding it a bit complex to understand)




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Dave Ferguson

Wikimedia Commons says that the Wikimedia Foundation "does not provide any warranty regarding the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms." In other words, they say the burden is on you to check the copyright status. ( )

There are examples of how to handle attribution both for CC and other statuses here:

CC licenses vary based on whether you can create derivative works (alter the original) or use in a non-commercial setting.  For example, the BY-SA license (attribution and share-alike) give you permission to modify and to use in a commercial setting -- but only if you agree that the resulting work will have the same license.

Dave Ferguson

I hope they help. And, yes, it does look complex. I'm interested in this topic, and (in case it's not clear) I am not any kind of expert on intellectual property.

I've used CC images in presentations and on my blog, both places where it's easier for me to include the attribution. For elearning, when I can, I prefer to work with our communications department to use stock photos that don't require attribution. That's unlikely to happen when you want to use pictures of a celebrity, though.