Implementing multiple learning paths in Studio '09

Nov 30, 2012

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I need to develop a course that has two main learning paths: "novice" and "experienced." The "novice" path will include all content that is available in the "experienced" path, plus additional content that covers fundamentals. (The assumption is that learners who take the "experienced" path already know the fundamentals.)


I would like learners to be able to use a navigation pane to navigate through the topics within their chosen path without constraining them to a specific topic order. (The subject they are learning is technically challenging, so learners need to be able to navigate back to topics easily.)


I want to avoid complex branching that requires learners to decide at each step whether they want to advance to a "novice" or "experienced" topic. Ideally, they would choose the path at the beginning of the course. I would also like to give learners the option of toggling between the "novice" and "experienced" paths if they find that the path they've chosen isn't right for them (this is a nice-to-have feature).


I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this in Articulate Studio '09. (I don't have a Storyline license.)


I am new to Articulate and would really appreciate input from people who are experienced with the tool. How would you implement a course like this?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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