Incorporating webinars in storyline - ideas

So I have these series of webinars each appoxan hour long that needs to be delivered through storyline.

What I have done is split them into appropriate topics and after each topic the next slide they are presented with a question testing their klnowledge on the topic.

So the layout is very basic and simple.

Slide 1 - Character standing  and thena prohjected screen which has the clip with play and pause button incprporated

Slide 2 - Question

Slide 3 - repeat of slide 1 with different video clip

Slide 4 - question.

Is there a way that I can enhance this so that after slide 5 or 7 it does not look boring and repititive. Or am I thinking too much here.

Its total of 12-14 clips.

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Alexander Salas

Hi Tin, 

You may benefit from some the awesome interactive video examples Montse has put together like this one:

In addition, I would add pauses to the time line and use markers to add keynotes about the content through the video.  This approach will keep users doing something and distracting them from however long it is.