Incremental training ideas?

Jan 28, 2016

So, my question is not necessarily eLearning related but I'm hoping I can get some innovative ideas from this group.

I am on an Agile software implementation where we are adding functionality little by little every quarter. So far, we've done classroom training for the initial release, and then short WebEx demos for subsequent ones. This year, the additional features are small but very important for people to know - as in they significantly improve their ability to get work done. I don't want to drag hundreds of people into 30-minute formal training sessions every quarter but I am also concerned that if I put the material in an online reference document people won't read it. Any creative ideas for how to add on incremental training in a way that ensures that users actually do the training (or read the material)?



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Bobby Carlton

Hi, so I've sat in on training sessions as well as presented them.  I feel that the BEST way to reach your audience is to actually get them into a room and go over the material together.  But as you know, sometimes presentations are BOOOOORRIINGGGG!!!  So one suggestion I would make is make your training session less "formal".  I think a formal training is what can kill the enthusiasm of your audience.  I'm not suggesting you let it be complete chaos. Definitely go over the materials/changes thoroughly, but maybe pull people from the audience and let them "lead" parts of your presentation.  Have them talk about how this one change will effect their position and what they might think the solution would be.  And if the solution might be with another team member, then have that person become the new lead.  Sort of like a game of TAG, YOU'RE IT.  Only, when you're tagged, you are the leader, and you can only tag another team member after you've provided some sort of feedback based on what you are presenting.  Sometimes when you bounce from team member to team with ideas, the innovative thinking start to flow among the team.  And then new ideas/thoughts will start to percolate.  Of course having hundreds of people doing this can be crazy, so I'd suggest breaking them up into small groups and having one person from each group come back.  Also, make sure presentation is also available online so folks can go back and review the information.


Another idea is to turn your session into a game show.  LET'S MAKE A DEAL is a great model for this.  You have your audience, you're the host and you pull random folks out of the audience to participate.  They're not making a deal..but instead they are providing an idea.  Maybe have some goofy little prizes available.  And make people deal out ideas with each other.  You're idea got you a free pen..but someone could "steal" the pen with another idea.  Just be creative.  I think you'll find the non traditional training session more fun and will inspire folks.  

Good luck!!

Stephanie Herman

Gamification if your LMS system offers it.  It is another level of visibility and accountability.  You can create badges that are earned as students progress through training.  Don't just add them at the end of course, you can use them to reward progress through longer courses.  Make the badges  fun and use your creativity.  Leverage the leader board so that learners can see where they rank and to leverage the spirit of competition amongst your team. 

Rita Garcia

Hi Yewande,

I usually do a lot of elearning for tech implementation, and for short functionalities I usually do short, engaging videos where people can easily understand what the functionality is and how it is related to their work and business. Then, we also communicate it to everyone interested, and on occasion to a short webinar to review what's new, if people have questions and where can they find the materials.

If you have to track the training I would go with an LMS as Jennifer suggested.

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