Ineractive video and mobile responsiveness

Hello to all,

I need an advice which authoring tool is best to use in our case. We are planning to produce interactive video content, with branching scenarios based on participant's interaction.  The course need to be SCORM compatible with quizzes. Client want it to be fully mobile responsive and LMS system is Kallidus. What tool (or combination of tools) would you recommend in our case?

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Chip Ritter

Hi Mario! Thanks for your post! Based on what you've described I'd recommend Articulate 360 and, specifically Storyline 360. There are several tools in Articulate 360 that can help you with video, but Storyline 360 is best tool to tackle it all; interactive video, branching, and mobile delivery. 

You can find some great information on choosing the best tool for the job here and here.

If you have more questions about the different tools in Articulate 360 and when to use them feel free to contact the Success Team at 800.861.4880 x1 or

Mario Buljan

Thank you Daniel and Chip for suggestions. I did a little research and came up with a conclusion that Storyline 360 could suit my need. 

I found this example as very good. What do you think, is this possible to do with Storyline 360? Of course, very expensive production is in this sample, but I am wondering only about technical possibility od Storyline 360. Follow this link and click "Start an Interview" 

We need to make something similar, highly engaging, small chunks of elearning peaces, interactive, aiming at maximum attention span of a learner, and at the same time fun and relaxing. The target audience are millennials or mostly younger employees at huge retail store chain. This is the reason it need to be mobile responsive. We already have a good team on board such as producer, movie director, designers, etc. I just want to be sure to pick the right tool for building.

Daniel Brigham


Yes, in Storyline you could create something similar. What's difficult is
not the tool, but the scripting and video. That's where the bulk of your
time and budget is going to be spent. I'd be careful not to set your
stakeholder's expectations too high. That is, I'd be hesitant to show any
of my stakeholders this, and say, "we can do something similar." I'd show
them something less slick. You know, the whole under-promise, over-deliver

This example is straightforward interactive video supported by a large,
large budget.