Inexpensive LMS that works well with Articulate

We are in the process of investigating an inexpensive LMS software for our company that we can use with Articulate.  We are looking for something that we can purchase and download in house.  Our budget is a one time payment of less than $1000.  We looked at Training Manager from KZSoftware.  Anyone use this one?  Or have another that you can recommend.  We are not looking for anything that you have to pay monthly and we want to be able to assign trainings and track them.  

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Tiffany You


Our company has been using an LMS provided by a Chinese vendor for quite a few years. However, we found that our learners are not interested in learning, especially the course packages provided are mostly out-of-date and do not have interactions at all. So we decide not to use the LMS after our current contract ends in Sept.

We have built more than 30 internal e-learning courses that contain videos, which took great efforts and time in the building process. Recently we start to build some quiz related to those courses via articulate.

Now the question is how are we going to re-use those courses for our internal training? Without an LMS, how are we able to track the learning progress and results?

So I'm looking for a free LMS that 

-can store courses

-work well with scorm

-can track progress

-can generate reports

-better not require high technology for the LMS admin

-have both English and Chinese interface

I have set up a trial account in Scorm Cloud and play around with it. However the monthly payment is still quite high for us. And the LMS does not have a Chinese interface and is not compatible with Chinese characters. If we have to make a payment, I'm looking for a once payment around $1000.

Anyone has any recommendations?




John roberts

Hello Cori,

I recommend Beetsol LMS. Beetsol LMS allows you to upload Articulate content very easily. Simply publish the content as Scorm 1.2 or 2004 and upload the zip file into a course on Beetsol - that's it! The platform has all the features that we were looking for but its best part is its ease of use, scalability, reliable, Gamification, Multi-Tenant, Social learning, Social Wall, Chats, Custom Reports. Also supports integrations like SalesForce, Webex, eCommerce among others.

Hope this helps.


Condoleeza T.

Hi, I am hoping to revive this thread with some up to date LMS suggestions that are inexpensive, user friendly and play nicely with Articulate.  I've been researching online and have come up with LearnDash and TalentLMS.  Any thoughts on these or others.  It is for a start up with about 40 employees and growing.

Vidya Khan

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