Influx of Non-learning Related Messages posted through e-Learning Heroes

Jun 12, 2015

I'm seeing a huge increase of posts through this site that are non-learning related.  Is there any way to report these or reduce them?  Over the last two days, I've deleted 26 posts from the same person about the same thing and on average, I'm now receiving more non-learning related messages than ones about learning.   

I'm hoping the e-learning Heroe team could comment on whether there's any plans to try and manage this.  Thanks.  

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Alexandros Anoyatis


Another solution would be to actually visit this guys site. At a predetermined time. Around a 1000 of us or more. Just one visit. Instant DoS attack (only legal). See how that works for him/them...

I don't think he'll come back to post again after that...

Another - more civilized - way is to write to their hosting provider and let em know...

Brian Gil

Thanks for voicing this concern and highlighting that particular spammer. Please utilize the "flag" option on content you believe is suspect. That ensures that it'll hit our moderator's radar quickly and if we deem it as spam it educates our automated spam prevention system.

I have banned that particular user as well since all of her posts were deemed to be spam.

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