Infographic into Storyline

Hello everyone, 

I just stated working in eLearning for the first time with a background in print graphic design. My co-worker, who has an extensive background with this program, gave me an exercise to work on to familiarize myself with Storyline.


Attached is an infographic that I found and the Storyline file I have created from it. Any feedback, comments, and critiques will be appreciated.


Thank you,

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Justin:

A few thoughts on your project:

LOVE the look and design.  Visuals look great.

I like the interactions and the drag and drop.

That being said:

When I drag 3 or 4 food items onto the board and submitting my pairing answers, I'm figuring I would get some positive feedback for my accurate choices.

Not so! I need to get ALL of the items (as many as 5 or 6) right for that kind of feedback, which seems a bit much.

Your message saying "some" of your food choices (but not WHICH) do not match well with the selected wine is a little frustrating. 

This has the unfortunate effect of essentially saying your answers are WRONG, but just using different language on the screen.

It would be nicer if I could get a gentle nudge or some more detailed text explaining what I had selected that worked, and that there are some items (a number would be nice, like, "Try adding one or two more items to your board") still missing. 

Perhaps a more customized/detailed hint is needed somewhere in the Submit process when some, but not ALL, submitted foods are correct?

The devil of most, if not all, eLPs is in the details. 

While it would take some time and a fair amount of work to customize messages for all option paths, perhaps writing triggers and content to cover the most likely selections might be helpful to your learners.

Also, it would be nice to give the learner the option to save and/or re-use their previous selections, rather than always restarting the timeline on a given slide when trying again.

Great work, this is a fantastic start!


Justin McDowell


Thank you for your thoughts. I wouldn't mind showing what is correct or incorrect about their choices when submitted but have no clue on how to create that. Especially with all the variables or combinations of choices that you can chose. 

Was the hint button not helpful? 

Thank you again. 

Mark Shepherd


Agreed that laying out and populating multiple response paths is challenging and a heck of a lot of work. 

However, for some projects, I've been obligated to take care of/execute this, and while it is time-consuming, in some cases, this effort can be re-used for other similar projects, saving a little time in the long run.

Maybe you can come up with a mini-branching aspect to your drag and drop interaction that provides 3 or perhaps 4 paths to take rather than just the two (everything wrong or everything right) you have now. 

My suggestion would be perhaps to provide a little branching detail when you get things wrong, so you know better WHICH items you selected you got RIGHT, and/or the selected food items that DON'T match well with the wine.

At least if you meet your learners half-way, they will have a sense of progress when trying again.

Right now, if I don't use the hint, there would be no way I could complete your interactions.

Setting up all possible combinations seems a little extreme and too much in the other direction.

The hint button was helpful, yes, and it did suggest answers without giving it to me outright, but it did telegraph the number of food items required. 

Some might find this hint detail too much of a giveaway, maybe.

I think my only concern with your project was that it was a little extreme in expecting me to hit multiple (all of the) answers 100% perfectly, even with the infographic's assistance.

I would expect most learners to have at least some difficulty with this as a requirement.

EDIT: You could use individual captions to explain what was wrong or right. You don't always have to use a visual solution, though I agree it would be tempting NOT to utilize that aspect in some way. 

You could perhaps create States for the interactive food pictures indicating Normal (Plain), Right or Wrong by using a Color (Glow especially would probably work well for this) Overlay, or an added Checkmark or X (?)