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Hi, everyone - 

I'm working with someone who wants to build a course about creating your CV and uploading it to the company's CV repository. Users will complete and submit an InfoPath from with the CV attached.  When the user completes and submits the InfoPath form, the results will be cataloged in a SharePoint Form List.

I know I can have the form launch from within the course, that's easy. My question is this: can you think of a way that the course could require submission of the form in order for the course to mark complete?

Any insights or ideas would be appreciated!  

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Diana Myers

Hi Sheila, 

I haven't worked with submitting forms from InfoPath, but I wonder if you could use variables to solve the problem.  Would the user click a button within Storyline to submit the InfoPath form?  If so, the followign might work (I haven't tried it though):

Create a true/false variable "FormSent" with an inital value of false.

Add a trigger to the InfoPath submit button to set the value of the FormSent variable to true

Add a results slide to the course and add a slide trigger to "Show layer Success when the timeline starts if FormSent is equal to True or show layer Failure if FormSent is equal to False.  (this slide trigger would have to appear before the slide trigger to submit results for that results slide).

Like I said, I haven't tested this yet or worked with InfoPath, so hopefully one of the Storyline gurus will either confirm this as an option or help you come up with some other way.

Good luck!!!


Jerson  Campos

Hey Sheila,

The only way I can think to make this work is if you had a javascript attached to the submit button on the infopath form that will reach over to the browser window that has the SL course and manipulate a variable there. Then a javascript in SL could check the status of this symbol and verify it has been completed.  Maybe a JS expert on this forum could verify if this is possible.