initial state when returning to slide but having the next button normal

Hi all!
I have a course that is one of those ones when we need to have the slides locked down so the learning can't just skip through the content.  So I've set the next button to be disabled when the timeline state - basic stuff I know!  Is there another work around to have the slide not locked other than using a true/false variable on each slide to override this when they press back to return to this slide?  
Thanks and hope you are all finding lock down not too stressful!


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Sally Wiedenbeck

If I am understanding you correctly, there is any easy way to do this.

Instead of using a trigger to set the next button to disabled on every slide, do it through the player menu settings. You need to open the player settings, go to Menu, and then the settings (gear icon). Select Menu: restricted, and check the "restrict next/previous buttons" option. These options will prevent the player from skipping through slides, but will not disable the next button when the user revisits the slide.

Screenshot showing Menu set to restricted and the restrict next/previous buttons checkbox checked.

Judy Nollet

What Sally said. Restricting the Menu is the easiest way to force learners to step through the content.

Note: If you still want/need to force users to complete interactive slides, that's when to use a T/F variable:

  • Create your T/F variable with an initial state of False.
  • Add a trigger to disable the Next button when the timeline starts -- with the condition that the variable is false. (This will override the default restriction so that Storyline won't enable Next when the timeline ends.)
  • Add a trigger that enables the Next button when the interaction is done.
  • Add a trigger that adjusts the variable to True when the interaction is done. For example, this could be when all the buttons are Visited. This will prevent the program from disabling the Next button if the user revisits the interactive slide.