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Michael Shannon

Hey Sandie. I'm not sure I totally understand what you're asking but I'll answer on several fronts and we'll see if we get one of them right.

If you're wanting to move scenes around then here's a tutorial on that.

If you've built your pages out of sequence then you might have to change the triggers to explicitly point to the next page for each of the pages that are out of sequence. You just click on the "next slide" link in the triggers panel and change it to the page that should follow the active one. 

And on the results slide, make sure that the correct quizzes are checkmarked by clicking the big grey "edit result slide" button on the right (your result slide will be the active one for you to see this). Then check that all of your question slides are included in the list. 

Not sure if that helped any but let us know if you have other questions or clarification.