Inserting Pop-Up Quiz Questions in a Video

I'm trying to create pop-up quiz questions at random spots in a video for an e-learning platform my company is building. However, other than trying to trigger Graded Quizzes, I'm not sure how to do this. Even when I can get a question to pop up, it takes many steps and the video doesn't continue playing after the correct answer is submitted. Any ideas on how to make this process easier?

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Adam Hoe

Hi Beau,

Just to clarify, are you looking for the questions to pop up randomly (No specific time) ? Or, are you looking for questions to pop up at specific points. Say 00:15, 00:35 ... and so on.

If you are looking to show questions at specific points: One way to complete this would be to set cue points along your timeline where you want the questions to pop up. Then add triggers which pause the timeline at those points and show a layer containing your question. You can use the tools in Storyline to create most question types (In one form or another) on that layer. Then use triggers again to check answers.

Im sure there are many other ways to approach this. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more specifics or discuss further if want to move in another direction. 

Hope this is helpful to get ideas going.


Beau Vermillion

Hey Adam,


Thanks so much for the help! To clarify, I want them at specific time points but sometimes I have them at 1 min and other times at 3:30, etc. The cue point is very helpful. I'll test this stuff out and let you know if I have other questions which I'm sure I will. Thanks again!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Beau: Just a note that you can't insert a Storyline built-in question on a layer. (Someone please set me straight if I'm wrong.) Those go on the base layer of a slide. You could build your own simple question on a layer, though: text, button that provides feedback, and helps them navigate on.