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Feb 22, 2016

Just wanted to upload a quick glimpse of a personal project.  This was inspired by Red Carpet Rampage. A game that chronicles the struggle of great Leo D.'s chase for the Oscar.  After I played for a few minutes (okay it might have been an hour), I wondered if I could duplicate something like this on Storyline. After some tests, restarts, and SMH moments, I'm at point where I think it is possible to make something very similar.  Here is a quick peek at what I've done so far.

To get the character running, the user has to alternately press the "Z" and "/" keys.  If you are too slow with the key presses, then the character falls behind and will fall off screen. You can also press the Spacebar to make the character jump.

All this was created with sliders, no javascript (not yet) and three layers. This was the best way to get the slight parallax effect with the buildings and the street. And I plan on adding a lot more. 

I plan on adding obstacles for the user to jump over, scoring, and lives.  

Right now I really don't have any idea how someone could use this for training purposes. So far what I have come up with is that this will be a "mini" game as they run between sections or between questions.  Any ideas will be appreciated. This was more of an exercise to test out the limits of SL and my own limits.

I'll post a demo as soon as I can.

 Update:  Here is a link to a demo.

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Darren Heath

Great concept Jerson. Ive done something similar using Sonic the Hedgehog and trying to relive my console playing youth!!

Me development of it has halted recently due to being too busy to dedicate the time but I have the basics in place and plans to enhance it.

Latest beta of the game here:

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