Instructional Design - Case study

Hi Guys,

Hoping some of you will be able to offer some insight and guidance with this.

The task is to "improve the level of customer service in the call center" - for a banking environment. Im supposed to come up with a two pager that details the following:

  • Draft learning outcomes for the programme
  • Conduct analysis for learning design
  • Design the learning programme
  • Draft a brief for the development of the learning programme
  • Evaluate the learning design

The design should demonstrate the ability to incorporate a variety of learning approaches and modes of delivery.

Any suggestions on how to approach this would be most welcome - it seems  a bit much for a 2 pages.

Thanking you in advance


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Kim Ellis

Hi Jessica, 

It sounds like they are wanting a Training Needs Analysis.  Most of mine cover 3-4  pages minimum,  so I feel your pain.

I would suggest keeping your sections short, detailed and to the point.  Then once you have everything down you can go back and 'flower' it up if you have space.  

Oh and try to limit your bullet points as they will use up space, instead insert a table with a few columns so you don't just have them as a list.

Hope this helps.


Kim Ellis

How much about training design do the people who are going to be reading it know?

if it’s very little you may need to go into detail about the specifics of design. 

You could also include an action map, this would help you explain quite a bit in a short space. 

Have a look at Cathy Moore Action Mapping.  

Also here's my template for a TNA, it might give you some ideas.