Instructional Design Certificate and Membership Associations

Can anyone give me some advice on a good and quick course I can take to get a certificate in Instructional Design?  I have been teaching in a college environment for over 16 years and have taken online courses for my B.Ed. degree so I am not a beginner.

Also, would anyone recommend an organization where I can become a member in this field (ASTD?).


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Rachel Barnum

ATD has some wonderful certificate courses that are typically 2-3 days (I think they may even have some 1 day courses). I took "Advanced Instructional Design for E-Learning" and loved it.

A good amount of colleges (NC State, George Washington University, etc) have graduate certificate courses that are a little longer.

Edit: Main organizations are ATD (formerly ASTD) and eLearning Guild (which also has some courses, but I have little experience with them)