Instructional Design Process - Limiting Extraneous Feedback Image

I read a great article about the instructional design process and managing the project. I'm not sure where I located the article but I thought it was on one of these discussions.

It talked about not getting bogged down from the stakeholders providing way too much unnecessary feedback on course design. There was a nice image demonstrating how to avoid it and I can't seem to locate it.

The image was a side by side image of a car. The first side talked about the car being painted yellow. The stakeholders couldn't request a change because they didn't like the color of the car. The other side had an image of the car with square wheels. Stakeholders could comment and request a change since it was a major issue with the structure of the car/content.

A long shot but does anyone know where this image is? I would like to use it as a part of my process.


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Mike DiFonzo


Thanks! That's exactly the graphic I was looking for.

I remember those exact captions and the side-by-side design. I could've sworn the images were of cars though. Either someone else used the concept replacing with cars or I'm just working too hard and imagining things (which is quite possible).

Much appreciated.