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I just completed an M.S. in instructional design, and while I learned a lot about the ADDIE model, human psychology, and project management, I was not exposed to the technical side of ID.  I am familiar with Storyline 3 and a host of learning management systems that universities use (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, LoudCloud, etc.), but really what I am after is to start my own boutique instructional design company.  I have been in higher education for over twenty years; it is time to turn a corner.

Can anyone recommend an LMS that is compatible with Storyline 3?  Something that won't require a small fortune to get?  All I want to do is to build courses and deploy them to clients.


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Judy Nollet

Storyline publishes courses is multiple SCORM-compliant ways. Any LMS should be able to handle SL3 courses. 

Rivertown Communications offers LMS services. I don't know anything about their pricing and such. I do know that the folks who work there are top-notch. Here's their website: 

BTW, are you sure about what you want? Have you considered turning a different corner, such as doing ID for companies, non-profits, and/or (yes) educational institutions? 

I ask because if you build and deploy (aka sell) courses on your own, you are ultimately responsible for the tech involved. And, as you start up, you're also responsible for invoicing, collections, advertising, communications, and all the other tasks involved in running a business. So give careful consideration to what you take on.  :-)