Instructional Design Theories : Advice needed

Hi there, I’m seeking some expert advice. I’m about to start designing a learning program for employees of a chain of hair salons and am wondering if anyone has advice around the best ID learning theories to apply to my audience. Also, what activities and interactions do you think will resonate? Thanks in advance.

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christiaan botha

Hi Nina, that sounds like an interesting audience indeed.

If I may, I would typically start with mapping a learner or user journey and then break them into the various scenarios that emerge.

It's kind of like mapping out a DILO (Day In The Life Of) but it takes the subjective user/learner experiences into consideration, not just the observation and management input.

I then break those scenarios into activities and then apply the EDUK (Experience Do Understand Know) framework to each activity.

Lastly I try to understand the 'where we are' vs 'where we want to be' from both an organizational and a learner/audience perspective.

As I go through this process, the what people need to do, how they need to do it, the context in which they need to do etc, start to give me indicators on how they need to learn in each activity and the journey as a whole.

A bit more of and experiential design approach, but it has not let me down, and the outcomes surprise the client and learners every-time.

Hope you find something in there that you might be able to use

Nina Schilling

Hi Christiaan, I love that! Thank you! I think an experiential approach is right on the money. It will be important for these learners to understand why the training is relevant to them and I think your approach of designing activities around 'a day in the life' scenario, is perfect. I think context will be super important in this project and you've given me a great place to start. Many thanks.